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  • Please acknowledge that if your video age is less than other top ranking videos, it may take 2-4 weeks for page#1 ranking.
  • When information is conveyed through an audiovisual and made shareable on social media, the audience is likely to be more responsive as there is a human connection. Videos reduce your websites bounce rate.Today, YouTube is considered the second largest used search engine, after Google. Online users use video search engines to find the products, services or information they want.They can be just to entertain or motivate; to recruit new staff, share an event, make announcements, or just bring valuable how-to information to users. With video marketing in Northern Ireland, a business can establish itself as an expert by showcasing itself as a thought leader in its industry.

    Some specific reasons to use this cost-effective medium in the marketing plan are: Visuals are very effective and attractive to website visitors. They would rather see than read text. SEO companies suggest the use of audiovisuals in the marketing mix to increase website traffic, sales lead and therefore profit. SEO companies recommend using video marketing as one of the most effective marketing methods for businesses who want to reach a large audience. The availability of technology to make, embed and share videos has grown exponentially over the last few years and by leveraging its benefits, businesses can enjoy rapid growth.

    Once uploaded on YouTube and categorized under the right keywords, you can see instant traffic. Short films can be used for a number of purposes.If your business products and services involve demonstrations, training and education, mini-movies are an excellent medium that can result in significant cost savings as the information can be shared with anyone regardless of geographical boundaries. Professionally made audiovisuals can help in adding credibility to the business and build the brand.

    By uploading your movie on websites like YouTube, your chances of being ranked are much higher. Properly optimized audiovisuals with catchy titles, appropriate descriptions and relevant links can go viral and bring a steady stream of traffic while helping your search engine ranking.Authentic visuals also present the business as a reputable brand, building its reputation. Audiovisuals are effective relationship building tools between the business and its customers.A well planned and recorded film will make your website visitors spend more time on the site. Your website and page rank will increase.A short film is easy to produce. All you need is a good quality camera or web cam connected to your computer.
    Video marketing is not a new subject but businesses have yet to implement it because most think it is too expensive. The reason why most businesses stay small or lack the revenue stream they would like to achieve is because they do not advertise or create compelling content that their customers want to see.read text People like to find ways to do things faster, easier and more efficiently. Reading text on a page is time consuming and not entertaining.

    Is your website ready to compete?
    • 1. If your company, products or services require any additional information that takes more than 5 seconds to read then a video can not only relay that information quickly but the response (or follow through) will be much greater.
    • 2. Here are some reasons why online marketing with Video commercials is important: 1. People like to watch videos vs. Google likes content and video commercials and tutorials are a great way to deliver your message faster and more efficiently then plain text or images. 4. Decrease website bounce rate Video content, depending on the length and how well it is made can keep a visitor on your website much longer and the likelihood of them calling or making a purchase rises dramatically.
    • 3. Competitive Advantage Customer visits 3 websites, 2 have large amount of text, few pictures, and no video. Better have a great Video tutorial of how the product or service works because people are visual learners, we like to listen and watch how something works prior to buying it versus reading a lot of technical diagrams.